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Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are great for women who have thin to medium hair density. It is an easy way to add more length to the hair without damaging the scalp and roots. As one of the fastest growing hair lengthening methods, tape hair extensions will absolutely blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. More importantly, tape hair extensions don’t require any tedious procedures and they can be quickly applied in less than an hour!

Easy Maintenance and Styling with Tape Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, tape hair extensions do not wash out easily and are actually extremely durable to the point where you can even style it as you usually would. Plus, the strips of clear, see-through weft make it look like you aren’t wearing any hair extensions at all! Not only that, they also feel very light on your scalp because tape hair extensions don’t require the use of clips or micro beads. You can barely feel the tape even if you run your fingers through your hair.

Tape Hair Extensions are Affordable

The great thing about tape hair extensions is that they can be re-used repeatedly if you have taken good care of them. When you need to reuse your hair extension, simply buy a replacement tape and you’re good to go again! It’s also really good for women who want to try their hands on semi-permanent hair extension, and you can easily switch them if you think that it doesn’t suit you anymore.

All Tape Extensions come with strong blue tape already attached so they are ready to use straight from the pack.  Each pack contains 20 pieces, and each piece weighs 2.5grams.  In total each pack has 50 grams of hair which is enough for half a head.  For a full head you will need to purchase two packs.  Those who have extremely thick hair or short hair, may want to purchase three packs.  All Tape hair is 100% Remy Human Hair and can be washed, curled, straightened, cut, and styled just like your own hair.

* 20" Length     * 20 pieces per pack     * 2.5 grams per piece     * 100% Remy A Grade Human Hair    * Double Drawn

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Blue Replacement Tape for Tape Hair Extensions Blue Replacement Tape for Tape Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Tape - Blue Tape

Extra strong Blue Tape for the reapplication of Tape Hair Extensions.
or 6 LayBuy payments of $3.33
Tape Hair Extensions Tape Hair Extensions

20" Euro Virgin Cuticle Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions. 20pce per pack. 2.5g per piece. Remy Human Hair. Strong Durable Blue Tape. One pack for half head, and two packs needed for full head.

17 Colours Available

NEW COLOUR #1001 - White

or 6 LayBuy payments of $22.50
X-Ten Tape Hair Remover Solution X-Ten Tape Hair Remover Solution

X-Ten Dissolve Tape Hair Extension Remover

X-Ten Dissolve Tape Hair Remover Solution
or 6 LayBuy payments of $3.33

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