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Easy Loop Hair Extensions


Our new innovative Double Beaded Easy Loops mean double the strength, therefore less slipping.  They are 20" (50cm) in length, and are 0.8grams per strand.  Each pack contains 50 strands.

These extensions are applied using Micro Rings and the Easy Loop System. The beads are already attached to each extension strand, which makes them incredibly fast and easy to apply. 

You section your hair where you want the extensions applied, then take a section of hair, and thread it through the loop. Then gently pull the loop downwards which in turn will thread your hair through the micro ring. Using the pliers, clamp the micro ring shut which will secure the extension to your hair. Continue doing this until you have applied the extensions to the thickness you require. It's really that simple!!!  You do not need to be a professional to apply them, all you need is a bit of help from a friend and a little patience.

As your hair grows you may make adjustments to the extensions by simply using the pliers to open the micro rings and push the extension back up towards your scalp, and reclamp the micro ring shut. It is not always possible to reuse Easy Loops as each time that the bead is opened and closed tends to weaken the beads.  To remove the extensions altogether all you need to do is open each micro ring and slide it, and the extension from your hair.

Treat the extensions as if they were your own hair. You can cut them, curl them, straighten them (with care), and style them in any way you wish. After all, this is now your new hair. This is possible because they are 100% High Quality Human Remy Hair Extensions.                                                                                                  
So try them for yourself, and save hundreds of dollars on what the hairdressers would charge you for these quality extensions.

Change your look, and have beautiful, long, luxurious hair in a matter hours!  We do not recommend Easy Loops for people who have fine hair.  If you have fine hair we would recommend that you try the I-Tip hair extensions as these are more secure on fine hair.

How Many Will You need?

50 Strands for hightlights
100 Strands for fine to medium hair that already has some length
150-200 Strands for short, thick or blunt cut hair

Instructions on how to apply the hair extensions are included with your purchase. 

For more detailed instructions see our How To Guides.