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I-Tip Stick Hair Extensions


Cleopatra I-Tip hair extensions come in 18" & 20" length, and are 0.8gram strands.  They come in a pack of 50 strands.

We have 18" I-Tips in our regular Remy Human Hair, and 20" I-Tips in high quality Virgin Cuticle Hair.

I-Tip hair extensions are applied using Micro Beads.  The micro beads which we supply with our I-Tips are silicone lined. This ensures that they will grip securely to your hair and will not slip.  We highly recommend these for people with fine hair as they will not slip.  Unlike Easy Loop extensions I-Tips do not already have the beads attached to them.  The tip of the I-Tip is bonded with Keratin and looks very similar to a shoe lace tip.  The beads are supplied separately, and are put on the hair using a pulling tool.  Once the bead has been positioned near your scalp you then place the I-tip strand into the bead and clamp shut with pliers.

Treat the extensions as if they were your own hair. You can cut them, curl them, straighten them (with care), and style them in any way you wish. After all, this is now your new hair. This is possible because they are 100% High Quality Human Remy Hair Extensions.                                                     
So try them for yourself, and save hundreds of dollars on what the hairdressers would charge you for these quality extensions.

Change your look, and have beautiful, long, luxurious hair in a matter hours!  If you have fine hair we recommend I-Tip hair extensions as these are more secure on fine hair.

Instructions on how to apply the hair extensions are included with your purchase. 

For more detailed instructions see our How To Guides.