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We love our loyal VIP Customers, and as such we are pleased to give you more offers, rewards, and savings. It is an exclusive rewards system just for our loyal members. It's our way of saying "Thank you" to our wonderful customers.

Sign up to our website, and make sure you are signed in when making a purchase, and you will automatically receive reward points each and every time you shop with us. You must be signed into your account when checking out to ensure you receive your points. Checking out as a Guest will not accumulate points.  If you have checked out and were not signed in, unfortunately we can not manually award your points after the purchase.

You can earn points on purchases, uploading video reviews, writing a review on your purchase, and even sharing and liking our products on Facebook. These points can then be used just like cash! You must first accrue 2500 points..

5 points for every $1 spent
100 points = $1 when cashing them in.
2500 points for uploading a video review
100 points for writing a review
50 points for Liking on Facebook
50 points for sharing product on facebook after purchase.

Points are not transferrable, and will expire if a purchase has not been made through your account in 12 months. It is the responsibility of the customer to redeem points before they expire. Once expired, loyalty points can not be reimbursed back to your account. So make sure you use them!

Accrued VIP Loyalty points will be available to use as you go through Checkout if applicable.  Simply accrue 2500 Reward Points and you can then start cashing them in for discounts!

VIP Loyalty points are not earned on postage costs. Points are only earned on the actual cost of your item.

Once you earn 2500 Rewards Points you can start redeeming for cash discounts on your purchases . 500 points converts to $5 in savings.

Here are some ways to earn points with Cleopatra Hair Extensions:

Just for registering on Cleopatra Hair Extensions, you'll get 100 Points.

Invite a friend
Find a product you think your friend may be interested in? Click 'email to a friend' to send it to them. If they register with Cleopatra Hair Extensions, you'll get 100 points. 
Newsletter Signup
Subscribe to our newsletter using the quick form on the bottom of the website and get 50 points.
Reviewing Products
Get 100 points for reviewing a product you've purchased, and 2500 points if you upload a video review. You can find the review forms on the page for the product you purchased.
Making Purchases
For each dollar you spend on products with Cleopatra Hair Extensions, you'll earn 5 points.
Upload a Video Review 
You can earn HUGE reward points by making a video review of your new extensions.  Once you have your video, upload it to us by going to the product page of the product you purchased and click on the Video Review tab.
You will earn 2500 Rewards Points!
Please Note:  Our VIP Rewards Points program is not available to our Wholesale Customers as Wholesale customers already receive special discounts.  Click Here to Apply for a Wholesale Account.
*We reserve to right to withdraw our rewards program at any time.