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Tape hair extensions


Tape Hair is the fastest growing, most popular new method of attaching hair extensions. Fine pieces of hair are stitched into a skin weft which has durable double sided tape attached to each piece.

Cleopatra Tape Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair. There are 20" in length, and come in packs of 20 pieces. Each piece weighs 2.5grams, and each pack is enough for a half head. You will require two packs if you are wanting to apply a complete full head of hair extensions. If you have really thick hair you may need 3 packs.

Each piece of Tape Hair has strong and durable Blue Tape already attached at the top of each piece. Blue Tape is the strongest tape on the market, and we insist this is used on our Tape Hair. Application is simple as all you have to do is remove the tape and it is ready to use.

A full head application of Tape Hair will take approx 30mins to apply.  No messy glues are involved as the hair is already pre-taped.  Since the introduction of Tape Hair Extensions they have become the first choice for many stylist, salons, and hair professionals due to their ease of application.  They are virtually undetectable, and are also very comfortable since they lay flat against your scalp.  

The tapes are also resusable if you have taken good care of the hair.  Once removed the tape can be cleaned from the top, and new tape applied so they are ready to use again. 

For more detailed instructions see our How To Guides.