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Confused? Not sure what the differences are between our clip in hair extensions? Or undecided on which set is best for your hair type?

Clip In Hair Extension Set Comparison

All Cleopatra Hair Extensions clip in sets are made from the same high quality 100% Remy Human Hair.  It doesn't matter if you choose our Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate Clip In Hair Extensions, the hair quality is always the same, it is only the weight of the set which differs.  Our hair extensions are all double drawn which means that there is a higher ratio of longer hairs to shorter hairs which makes them thicker all the way through from the top to the bottom.  This also means thicker ends.  As it is human hair you can straighen, curl, and style the hair just as you would you own hair.  

If you have fine or thin hair, or hair that is thin at the ends, we recommend our Standard 110 gram set as this set as this will give you extra volume.  It is also suitable for those with existing long hair that are looking for a bit extra volume.  If you have fine to regular hair and are wanting extra length, and even more thickness then you may find our Deluxe 140 gram set will be perfect for you.  If you have short hair we strongly suggest you purchase at least the Deluxe 140 gram set as our Standard set may not give you enough hair to look natural.  People with short hair will almost always need more hair not less, to make the hair blend in better and look more natural.  If you have regular to thick hair then our Ultimate 230 gram set will certainly give you more than enough hair to add length, thickness and gorgeous volume.  

Still not sure?  

Short Hair:  Either our Deluxe 140 gram set, or our Ultimate 230 gram set is best for you.  People with short hair will need lots of hair to make hair extensions look natural.  If you purchase a set that is not thick enough your hair will look thin at the back and it will not blend very well, and not look natural.

Already Long Hair:  If you already have long hair and are just wanting extra Volume not length then our Standard  110 gram set will be all you need.  If you are wanting lots more volume then our Deluxe 140 gram set will also suit.

Fine/Thin Hair:  Our Standard 110 gram set may be perfect for you if you are just looking to add a bit more volume to your hair, especially if you already have some length.  If you are wanting longer, thicker hair then you may want to consider our Deluxe 140 gram set.

Regular/Thick/or Blunt Cut Hair:  Our Ultimate 230 gram set is what we always recommend for those of you with thick or blunt cut hair.  If you have thick hair you will need more hair, not less to make the hair extensions blend in naturally with your own hair.  If you have thick hair and are wanting to add length you will need quite a bit of hair so that your ends don't appear thin. If you have blunt cut hair then you would also benefit from a thicker set so that you can then get layers cut into the hair extensions to make them blend better with your own hair.

Remember....if you are in doubt about what set to purchase we suggest you purchase a set of hair extensions thicker than what you think you may need.  You don't have to use all the pieces, but they are nice to have and you can always put some aside for later.

Shown on the right are actual photos of our Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Clip In Hair Extensions.  You can clearly see in the pictures the differences in thickness between each of the sets.