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Silicone Lined Non Slip Micro Beads

Micro bead hair extensions are highly popular alternatives to Clip In Hair Extensions and other hair lengthening methods. To attach them you need good quality Micro Beads.  They provide strong support for attaching I-Tip hair extensions, and these micro beads are lined with Non-Slip Silicone to give you a secure grip. Also, micro bead extensions eliminate the use of any heat or glue during the application process and reduce the chance of hair, scalp and root damage.

Convenience of Micro Bead Extensions

The micro beads firmly hold the extensions on your hair and will give you flawless, natural-looking hair. Plus, micro bead hair extensions are long-lasting and you can wear them for up to 3 months if you keep them in great condition before you have to remove them and re-attach using new micro beads.

Why Choose Cleopatra’s silicone lined Micro Beads for Hair Extensions?

When it comes to hair extensions, it is safer to get top quality products that are made from trusted manufacturers. The chemicals that are used to make lower grade micro beads could be detrimental to your hair in the long run. On top of that, the Silicone lining also provides extra grip for your hair extensions and acts as a soft, protective layer between the bead and your hair.

So, be sure that you get your Silicone lined micro beads from Cleopatra!

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Silicone Lined Micro Beads Silicone Lined Micro Beads

Micro Beads Silicone Lined

Silicone Lined Micro Beads for the application of I-Tip Hair Extensions
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