To Care for your Hair Extensions
Remove Tangles before washing your hair extensions:
Before you begin to wash your hair extensions you should make sure that they are free of tangles.  To do this take each piece and hold at the top with one hand.  Using a loop brush or wide tooth comb, start combing/brushing gently from the bottom to the top easing out any tangles gently as you go.  Do not use force or you will experience breakage.  If hair is extremely tangled use a spray on de-tangler. Remove tangles from the ends and gently work your way up.
Washing Instructions:
Clip In Human Hair Extensions do not need washing every day or every time you wear them.  To keep them in a good condition it is actually best to wash them as little as possible.  Generally your hair extensions will only need washing when you need to remove odours, or if you notice a build up of styling products.  Unlike your natural hair, your Hair Extensions do not receive natural oils from the scalp, and excessive washing can dry them out.
A shampoo formulated hair extensions is always best, or if you do not have that available use one designed for chemically treated hair, or dry/damaged hair.  Use only a very small amount. 
Gently rinse each weft separately with lukewarm water.  Do not hold them all together in a bunch.  Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and gently run your hand down the extension piece. Do not rub, twist, or pull too hard on the extensions.  To do so can cause damage to your extensions.  Once you have shampooed the piece rinse it thoroughly clean under lukewarm water.  Do this for each piece of hair.  
Alternatively, you can also dissolve a small amount of shampoo in lukewarm water and gently hold each piece in the water and run you fingers down each piece.  Then rinse.
Conditioning Your Hair Extensions:
To ensure your hair extensions maintain their shine and softness use a small amount of condition to each piece, also using a gentle downward motion, and again remembering not to rub, twist or pull too hard on the hair.  Leave conditioner on the hair for 5 mins then rinse each piece thoroughly under lukewarm water.  Squeeze gently to remove excess water.
Drying Your Hair Extensions:
Lay the hair extension pieces flat on a towel and pat dry.  Then leave them to dry naturally.  It is always best to leave the hair to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer if you can.  You can also at this stage spray lightly with a leave in conditioner.
Combing Hair Extensions:
Once your hair extensions are completely dry gently comb them out from the bottom up using either a wide tooth comb, or Loop Brush.  Be careful not to tug or pull as doing so can cause the hair to snap and break.  If you have tangles work on them gently until the hair is tangle free.  Do not comb/brush from the top down as this will cause tangling.  Work from the bottom up in small sections.
Styling Your Hair Extensions:
You can use straightening irons, curling irons, and blow dryers on your hair extensins.  Please remember to use these items on low heat, and always use a thermal protectant on the hair before doing so.  Use of excessive heat can damage your hair extensions, and can shorten their lifespan, so please be careful when styling. 
We always recommend not sleeping in your clip in hair extensions.  To do so can cause stress to your natural hair.  Tossing and turning in your sleep can make the clips pull on your natural hair.  Always remove your clip in extensions before going to bed.
It is also recommended not to wear your extension in a clorine pool, or while swimming in salt water.